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A response to coin collection in Aceh to ‘repay’ Australian PM

This post is in response to the February 22, 2015 article in the Jakarta Post titled In Aceh, people collect coins to ‘repay’ Australian PM I felt sad to hear that some Acehnese collected coins to “repay” Australia’s generous $1 billion gift to Indonesia after the tsunami. I was also sad that the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s comment about …

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10 years on: A reflection on the agony of Aceh

I have made five trips to provide medical relief to the Aceh region, growing my love for the place and it’s people since the first agonising trip. It all started 10 years ago this week, when I left Perth to join the many others helping the devastated Indonesian peninsula. On December 26th, 2004 at 8 am, a 9.1 magnitude undersea …

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The Power of a Father’s Voice – a lifesaving example from Auschwitz

Yesterday (Jan 28th, 2015) marked the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death camp Auschwitz. More than one million people were killed at Auschwitz, most of them Jews. During ANZAC day, I will be sharing my thoughts on the horror of war. Today, I would like to reflect on an article by ABC reporter Clare Rawlinson, telling the …

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How to make your conversations great

Have you ever wished you were a better conversationalist? That other people would enjoy talking with you rather than enduring it? Over the summer break I have been relaxing and swimming and in the process, thinking about how hard human verbal communication actually is – how hard it is to listen, engage and leave feeling enriched rather than feeling a …

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An essential four step process to personal & corporate change

Why is it so hard for human beings to change? This is the introduction of a four part series that will go into more depth over the next couple of months. I have often sat in my medical consulting room and pondered this. When my patients, despite their best intentions. fail to change in some aspect that they really want …

How to be a great dad

First seen as an Agenda article in the Weekend West, 31 August 2013, West Australian. Also seen at The Fathering Project