Dr Bruce Robinson

Speaking topics


Speaking topics

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[column type=”one-half” fade=”true”]Medicine and research

  • Asbestos and the diseases it causes
  • Latest research into Mesothelioma
  • How to get the immune system to fight cancer
  • Breaking bad news to cancer patients
  • Dying ‘well’ versus dying ‘badly’


  • What kids really need from their dads
  • Tips for busy parents – Work/life balance
  • Daughters and their Dads
  • Helping kids with their education
  • Helping children deal with internet problems
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle and avoiding drugs
  • Tips for parents, chaplains and pastoral care in schools.

[/column][column type=”one-half” last=”true” fade=”true” ] Disaster Response

    • Responding to Natural Disasters
    • The International Skills and Training Institute in Health
    • Self and team care after critical incidents
    • Disasters and the lung

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Teaching and Leadership

  • Leadership at work and home
  • Models of Christian Leadership


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