Dr Bruce Robinson

12 Top Tips

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Work-Life Balance

Busyness, FIFO and work travel

Daughters vs Sons

What do each of them need from their dads

The Bus Principle

The 3 things that kids really need

The 4 Biggest Risks That Kids Face Today

How to help kids avoid them


How dads can help.
Attitudes, problem solving, curiosity, learning

Strong Values

Dad’s important role.
Respect, sexuality, integrity, success

Father Figures

Their powerful role.
Grandfathers, coaches, teachers, step-dads

Healthy Lifestyle

Promoting it in kids.
Team sports, mental, exercise, obesity, outdoors/camping

CHALLENGES dads can face

Depression, separation, loneliness, financial stress

CHALLENGES kids can face

Disability, anxiety, other emotional grief, gender issues


How to generate it.
Bullying, failure, discipline, insecurity, fear


How to manage it.
Risks, cyberbullying, lack of fitness, moodiness

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