Dr Bruce Robinson


The Fathering Project’s vision is to give every child the opportunity of input from a strong and appropriate father figure. We do that by helping men and women realise that a strong father figure will improve their child’s future wellbeing, providing the resources required to help men become better father figures and developing and evaluating new approaches to achieving this goal in different demographic groups.

Our vision is to have a fathering project program established in half of the Primary schools in Australia within 5 years.

Through our internet presence we aim to be engaging with >100,000 fathers every month.

We also aim to have established specialised programs promoting father/father-figure involvement in

  • education – love of learning & positive attitudes to teachers
  • managing the FIFO work lifestyle positively
  • aboriginal childrens’ development and role modelling
  • promotion of healthy lifestyle, exercise & avoidance of drug abuse and binge drinking
  • building values of integrity and community service
  • role of father figures in confidence building in girls i.e. encouraging women into future leadership
  • improving workplace support for fathering
  • assistance to incarcerated fathers

To download a more detailed vision statement click here

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