Dr Bruce Robinson

The EDICT Program (Early Digital/Drug Intervention for Covid-19 Therapy )

Bruce is Director of the EDICT program, which uses advanced digital technologies to seek to overcome two challenges.

  1. The need for contactless sophisticated digital monitoring. COVID-19 patients are in isolation. That makes them hard to care for and creates huge mental health challenges for them. The EDICT team has developed/improved sophisticated monitoring systems that provide contactless monitoring and also utilise machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI) to process symptom/physiology data to generate alert algorithms. This high level of monitoring improves safety, better mental well being and will enable us to undertake clinical trials of novel agents immediately after diagnosis, something no one else can do.

  2. The need for new drugs which can be used early in the disease. We have used advanced digital strategies to identify candidate drugs, largely through cutting-edge machine learning/AI to identify novel COVID-19 therapies for use in clinical trials. EDICT is planning trials of these agents with collaborators in Indonesia.

The SARS-CoV2 virus that causes COVID-19


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