Bruce is often been asked to talk about the issue of suffering because of his extensive experience of suffering in its deepest and most visceral form with dying patients and in disaster zones.

For those who are dying, or who have a loved one who is dying, he wrote a widely shared newspaper article entitled ‘The Good Side of Dying’ and another journal article on the experience of excruciating pain.

For those who struggle with the spiritual and practical issues around suffering and faith, Bruce recently wrote a book entitled  ‘BEHIND THE TEARS – Understanding, Surviving and Growing from Suffering’ to guide and help others in this area.

This book on suffering is amazing, complemented as it is by his own powerful and engaging experiences. It has stirred so much that is rich for me. Dr Peter Prout. Lecturer in Education

This includes discussion of the obvious types of suffering experienced today, such as cancer and natural disasters but also those hidden types of suffering in society today, such as depression, pain, conflict and disillusionment.




Click here to download the Preface and first chapter of the final draft of ‘Behind the Tears – Understanding, Surviving and Growing from Suffering’.

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